Our first night in bed.

Everyday, we slept in tanks. but today was different. Samuel made us a bed of cloth and polythene bags that’s where we sleep from now on. He make sure we go to sleep and only then goes to sleep himself. He always covers us too. Which I don’t think is necessary ’cause we’re cold blooded animals.

Here’s a picture of me sleeping



Emo got up before Samuel could take a picture of him



My first post.

Hey guys this is my first post in this blog.

I’m Emo. I came to Samuel’ Home on 11/10/2012 as a birthday gift.


I┬áhave a sibling too. It’s Nemo



We will be posting on this blog often and tell you about all the interesting things we do.

So all you readers and turtles enjoy our articles.

Thank you.